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Accommodatingman com

Yet he managed to own a house and have all the other comforts that we yearned for but never enjoyed.It was not until long afterward that I understood the whole truth of the matter.At least, my classmates seemed to like to have me around, and I was especially in demand at dances.Not because I was a perfect dancer — I never had the chance to dance at all — but because I played the piano while the other fellows danced!

My father had a competitor across the street and one block down.It goes without saying that Father belonged to every lodge and society in town. With all his twelve or fifteen hours of work a day, our family finances were never a nickel ahead.And yet, in all the years, I can remember my mother protesting only once.Five years ago yesterday it was, at two o’clock in the morning; I am not likely to forget the place or the hour. A pile of days and hours put on the counter of the world with a sign inviting every Tom, Dick, and Harry to take one?From four-thirty, when the president of our company and I faced each other across his desk, until eleven-thirty, when I left him at his door, we fought the thing back and forth. ” It was in that solemn morning hour, as I have said, that I formally retired from the business of being Everybody’s Friend.

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People never trust an accommodating man with important things.

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