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America girl cam

Experience the convenience and expertise of our personal shopping staff.Tailoring the trip to your schedule, taste and budget, our personal shoppers help you find that special gift. Our personal shoppers will also keep you updated on upcoming events, in-store promotion and more. Plan a day like no other in our Bistro dining room.Surprisingly enough, Mia Farrow, who plays Samantha's proper Grandmary and is undoubtedly the most famous performer in the lineup, is a trifle stilted and seems to be upstaged by the rest of the troop.The fact that there are only two or three males in the entire show indicates that this is not really a boy's movie (I'm a grown-up boy, so I have permission to watch these kinds of movies and not be embarrassed anymore).The story is sweet and simple, but heartwarming, about a rich little girl named Samantha growing up in 1904.The script takes the various adventures from the Samantha books in the American Girls Collection, from Samantha's friendship with servant girl Nellie to the wedding of Uncle Gard and Aunt Cornelia to Samantha's speaking contest at her school in New York City, and blends them together in a very satisfying way- sure to please any girl who has the doll or has read the books!See full summary » Meet nine-year old Saige, a talented artist with a passion for horses, in this modern-day story about finding your voice!Saige is excited about the new school year, until she discovers ...

The girls turn to each other in happiness and sorrow, adventure and danger, and grow to be as close as even two sisters could be.

You'll also find the Truly Me dolls that can be personalized and brought to life online!

Plus, kids will love choosing from our collection of books, outfits, accessories, and more.

Plan a visit and explore the world of our treasured historical characters and the contemporary Girl of the Year doll.

Discover why American Girl is more than just a store — it's a place for imagination to soar!

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