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Assyrian men dating

Assyrian rituals have also been influenced by the Moslem cultures they have had to live with, whether Arab, Persian, Turkish or Kurdish.Assyrians have acquired some of the customs of these cultures; at the same time, Moslem governments have sometimes restricted Assyrian practices.Certain social practices which were widespread as recently as the early 1900's have since been ignored or forgotten.At least partly this was due to the aftermath of the First World War, in which Assyrian society was largely transformed from agricultural to urban.The social position of the family of the prospective bride (chalu) is carefully scrutinized before the bridegroom's family makes a final selection.In keeping with established custom, families are eager to pick the prospective daughter-in-law (chaltha) from the same clan or tribal division.Modern times have also substantially altered tradition among both rural and urban Assyrians.One element of this change has been modern, broad-based education, which has often conveyed to Assyrians the notion that western styles of living are more desirable than traditional ones.

At least to some extent, the rituals and religious rites that accompany life's milestones -- primarily birth, marriage or death -represent what it means to be Assyrian.It is even more essential to pick the intended mate from the same sect of the family's religion.However, according to the rules of the so called Nestorian Church governing marriages, union within closely related lineages (first and second cousins) is not permissible, and this restriction is rigorously enforced. Less than a generation ago, it was not uncommon for a sufficiently grown-up boy (seventeen to twenty, or older), to marry a rather young girl (twelve to fifteen, though often older).However, most of these customs have been followed for generations.Among Assyrians, marriage is viewed very seriously.

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Although their origins are often difficult to trace, the rituals practiced by contemporary Assyrians are perhaps as old as the days of ancient Assyria, and have been treasured and guarded through the centuries.

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