Autistics guide to dating review

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Autistics guide to dating review

I tried to cancel the charge on the website but it wouldn't let me.

I am lucky that I work in finance and have family that work in both IT security (so can trace certain activity on websites) and law (as a back up in case I do have to take them to court), but I appreciate many customers will not be in this position.

I have sent them several emails asking why (since my membership and access ended last autumn), but have never had a reply for those either.

I have contacted my bank and they have 'stopped' payments, which basically means the money leaves my account each month, but the bank then refunds it a day or so later.

If anyone want to be a paid membership on any dating website I strongly purchasing a pre- paid gift card and using it's numbers/ info. I've been a member for over a year and thankfully have not paid for anything. Go to to talk to any aspies about anything since the spectrumsingles forums is almost dead and that should be an indicator of people sending private messages and getting a response.

We agree the first version of the site is very basic to say the least.

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I did send an email to Spectrum Singles pointing out this error, but never received a reply.

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