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Bi sex lines

While he feels that living in New York City makes it easier for him to express himself, he still sees a stigma against bi men.

“Straight women who find out that I’m bi are weirded out,” he explains. It’s just who I am.”Dominic identifies as bisexual/queer, but feels labels can be limiting.

Even though more people have come out as bi, it’s still a difficult journey for many, even for Gen Z, often called the “sexually fluid” generation.

The writer interviewed a handful of bisexual men and women about their fight for inclusion within the gay and lesbian communities.

We learn of the deep “underground” in New York where men sleep with other men but live straight lives with wives and families.

Damien Basile has been out as bisexual since he was 17.

He believes many bisexual people don’t use the label because of biphobia and bi erasure.

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25 years, a product line, and many barbershops later, Rudy’s is still championing the cause of identity.

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