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Dating game episodes online

He is joined by his wife, Lois, a woman from a family of means who has tried to distance herself from her family's money for fear that it would corrupt the family she is trying desperately to raise.

Lois teaches piano in addition to maintaining the household.

The show revolves around Peter Griffin, the father of the family.

Peter is a simple blue collar man who equates a lot of what he knows to television shows and previous experiences that he shares with the audience in the form of flashbacks.

Stewie is a genius who gets little credit for his intellect from his family.

Stewie occasionally toys with the idea of ruling the world and sees his mother, Lois, as a hindrance to his plans.

In this darkly dramatic adaptation of characters and situations from the Archie comic books, a group of teenage friends navigates the perils of adolescence, but also the perils of murder, sex, greed and lots of other kinds of intrigue.

The series debuted on The CW network in 2016 and can also be found on the Netflix streaming service.

In addition to the family, Peter has many friends in the town who make regular appearances including Joe Swanson, the paralyzed cop who does more than most able bodied men and Glenn Quagmire, the wacky neighbor who is a legend with the ladies in town.

Peter is a fairly simple man in his approach to problems, for example, when the FCC began cracking down on television nudity, he simply decides to start his own network.

Peter's approach usually leads to trouble though and he needs the support of his family to see it through.

Seth Mac Farlane has gathered a diverse cast of Hollywood actors to voice the Griffin family and their neighbors.

In addition to providing multiple voices himself, Mac Farlane recruited veteran actors Seth Green, Mila Kunis, Patrick Warburton and Adam West to contribute to the cast.

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