Dating in georgia while divorcing

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Dating in georgia while divorcing

The court can also prohibit your spouse, solely as a result of her adultery, from obtaining an alimony award, regardless of your relative financial positions after the divorce.

Deciding whether to admit to adultery during divorce proceedings is a personal decision, and one that ultimately, will not affect your ability to get a divorce.

By the mid 1980s, almost every state had its own version of no-fault divorce on the books.

Nuances in state law make it extremely important for individuals to be aware of the divorce law within the state where they live.

Some, such as California, don't recognize any fault grounds. A few pros and cons exist as to which is most beneficial to use, depending on your personal circumstances.

Moreover, Georgia courts allow either spouse to file a divorce petition on no-fault grounds, even if the party filing the petition is the spouse who commits adultery during the separation.

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Almost every state has its own version of both fault and no-fault divorces.

No-fault divorce is the result of widespread reformation of divorce laws that began during the 1970s.

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When the adultery doesn’t occur prior to the separation, the court will assume there are other reasons that caused you and your spouse to separate initially.