Dating in tenerife

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Dating in tenerife

It is well known that Tenerife is volcanic in origin - something to do with the enormous volcano sitting in the middle of it!It is a fact that the area where the Canary Islands are found is a volcanic hotspot, with fissure vent volcanoes being the most prominent features.The giant rat, along with some other endemic species of the islands, became extinct due to the activities of the initial human colonists, the Guanches, who arrived around 1000 BC, including their introduction of feral cats.

Fossilized remains of this animal have been found practically in every part of the island, but especially in deposits in caves or volcanic pipes of the island, where it often appears together with remains of other species such as the giant lizards (Gallotia goliath).

Costa Adeje's four- and five-star hotels, chic boutiques and manicured beaches are the upmarket choice.

In the south-east, El Médano has near constant trade winds and boasts the best natural beaches on the island.

Los Gigantes in the west enjoys long sunshine hours and provides a quieter alternative to the south.

In the north, Puerto de la Cruz is the greenest and most traditional resort with plazas, botanical gardens and easy access to historic centres while Santa Cruz combines beach time with shopping, plazas and art galleries.

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s Tenerife has a spring/summer climate all year round, there is no bad time to visit.

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