Dating navajo rugs

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Because the world of fine rugs and carpets is so vast and so ancient, such terms are abundant, and are often used between rug-industry professionals.

If you find that you are unable to keep up with such conversations, if you are shopping for a rug for your own home, or if you have a general interest in learning more about rugs and carpets, you will find this glossary to be very helpful.

We hope to provide you with the knowledge, information, and resources about antique rugs that you need, and that will stay with you for a long time after your new antique carpet is first set into place in your home.

Abrash: A Persian word meaning rainbow spectrum, used to describe changes in color in the pile or facing of rugs and textiles.

Americana: Artifacts and designs that reflect American culture, folklore and history.Although Americana-style art is often made as for its artistic and aesthetic qualities today, originally the pieces were made out of necessity.Patchwork quilts, needlepoint, hooked rugs and rag rugs are examples of textile art made as utilitarian pieces that also display aesthetic qualities.Alpujarra: A type of thick-pile, folk-art rug woven in the South of Spain near Granada, whose origins may go back to the fifteenth century.Designs are geometric, in all over repeat patterns.

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The image has been discovered on petroglyphs from every region of the Southwest.

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