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Actively searching Facebook is activating sensitized addiction pathways (seeking for hot images online) and reinforcing your addiction.

Bumping into hard-core images, then immediately closing the page is actually strengthening the willpower parts of your brain.

I don't have a problem with advertisement, as long as it is offline. Instead, higher portions of the brain relay nerve impulses associated with sights, sounds, smells, and memories to the reward circuit.

The strength of these very complex signals determines the excitement levels measured by reward circuit.

The indictment was handed up to Superior Court Judge Timothy P. "Derringer allegedly is a serial sexual predator who used the anonymity of the internet to exploit underage girls, deceiving and threatening his victims to force them to comply with his deviant demands," said Attorney General Christopher Porrino said in a statement.

Daniel Derringer III, 28, of Lake Worth, Fla., was indicted today by a state grand jury four counts of second-degree manufacturing of child pornography, five counts of second-degree extortion, one count of second-degree distribution of child pornography, four counts of third-degree promoting obscene material to a minor, three counts of third-degree debauching the morals of a minor and count of fourth-degree possession of child pornography.

Recovering from porn addiction is not exactly the same as recovering from addictions to alcohol or drugs. If you believe you have relapsed - get over it - and get back on the porn-free horse.

Please don't ask if you need to reset your counter to day one. What's happening in your brain is what's important. The gains you made cannot be erased with one binge.

"Derringer allegedly manipulated, extorted and intimidated children across the country to satisfy his sickening impulses," Colonel Rick Fuentes, Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police said in a statement.

Get this: When I see a poster on the bus station of a girl in a bikini, my boner doesn't react at all.

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