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Without the dynamism of a large group it is easy to lose sight of this, especially if your learner likes to talk a lot.

Take advantage of the dynamic to push your learner – with the language you use, for example, or when correcting.

As I have mentioned above, many of the tools I use with a large group are adaptable to a one to one class, but the methods or aims may change.

Other techniques are more suitable precisely because of the one teacher – one learner dynamic.

One to one classes, especially private ones, often move at a pace decided by the learner and their needs rather than an institution’s course/term structure.

There is also flexibility in the length of classes, which can be timed around learning aims rather than a timetable.

One to one teaching is made more special by the fact that many teachers have to develop their own strategies, approaches and materials; one to one work is common the world over but discussion, support and resources are not.

Find a range of methods for giving feedback to your learner.Below are some recommendations: A one to one class is a great opportunity to explain why you do the things you do.Tell your learner your aims and how the work you are doing supports them, for example when you set homework or correct speaking. Much of what you do in group classes will work with one learner – try it.There is often a shift away from a teacher-centred dynamic and as a result the learner takes on a much more equal role in making decisions about the class.Although many techniques we use in a large group are applicable to a single learner, they will always change either in how they are applied or why.

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