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He says there is a new crisis to deal with every day, such as picking up underage migrants from detention centers.

They are kept there by the police when they are arrested, usually as they try to flee their shelters and the country.

The men sit down next to the teenagers on benches and start talking to them. They chat, they touch and a few minutes later they leave the park together, the man's arm resting on the young migrant's shoulder.

Failure of Authorities Everyone - the authorities, the NGO workers, the police - know what is going on.

In Greece, refugees face dire living conditions, limited housing and catastrophically long wait times for their claims.

They ply their trade openly, under the gaze of police officers, passersby and café customers. The migrant nods and the man gives him a bag of chips.Because the processing of asylum applications is chaotic and authorities from one agency don't know what authorities from other agencies are doing.And because the boys need to file criminal complaints before their clients can be prosecuted."Life is hard and sometimes life makes people do hard things." When he ran out of money in Athens, Ahmad says he faced three choices: sell drugs, join a smuggling ring or prostitution. Like most young people his age, he is always busy with his smartphone.But not for fun: There are countless messages between him and the dozen or so adult Greek men he calls "my clients." When one of his clients calls him, Ahmad puts him on speaker. He lists the prices matter-of-factly: 50 euros for oral sex, more for normal sex, depending on the duration.

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Since 2016, Christos Hombas, an employee of the National Center for Social Solidarity (EKKA), an agency belonging to the Social Affairs Ministry, has received more than 6,500 referrals of minors in need of assistance, many of them relating to abuse, sexual exploitation and other kinds of assault against underage refugees.