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If you have HSV-1, the shedding could happen through the mouth or a cold sore, or by sharing a drink.

Herpes can be transmitted by sharing sex toys, grinding or even mutual masturbation. Before you run off to the sexual health clinic – remember - don’t panic.

The question of when to raise this issue is a sensitive one.

After all, too soon and you could never see your potential partner again.

There is a real risk of catching bacterial infections and herpes, as we all have different organisms living on us and one cosmetic tester can be used by 30 or 40 different people, which spreads the risk of infection.’A US woman is suing a beauty firm, claiming she picked up the herpes simplex virus, which causes cold sores and is carried by more than two-thirds of of the population.

When it comes to eye make-up, Dr Bashir writes: ‘Studies have revealed that 43 per cent of eyeliners and mascara wands contain contaminants.If you have the virus, you could be shedding it without having an outbreak and infect someone this way.This could lead to some rather awkward conversations if you’re dating.Other risks from shared make-up include salmonella and e.coli, as well as skin flare-ups from bacteria on other people’s faces.Dr Amreen Bashir, a microbiologist from Aston University in Birmingham, said: ‘Most people would never consider sharing a toothbrush with a stranger, yet they happily use make-up testers.

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The virus stays in the nerves and doesn’t come out unless you are ‘immunosuppressed’, which is a reduction of the activation or efficacy of the immune system, such as when you’re stressed or suffering from illness.

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