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This is why we have created the first fair, transparent and truly decentralized dating app.

The main problems in online dating stem from a general misalignment of incentives between platform owners and users, leading to a lack of authenticity in the user base as well as the lack of security and privacy inherent to centralised systems.

Therefore they need a channel to acquire or dispose of HKYs post after the ICO.

We have received inquiries from customers about a secondary market for them to solve this problem.

We will be focusing on forming strong relations with our partners.

Furthermore, our monetization concepts will be implemented.

We will initially launch the DApp in english, making it available to users in the European market.

We will onboard more further team members to cater for the expansion and also provide valuable insights into the market specifics.The team will be expanded in order to cater to the different projects.Hicky will launch its DApp for both the i OS and Android platforms. Interaction and communication have substantially shifted online.It is inevitable, that this trend will only increase in the future to come.

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Furthermore Hicky is extremely easy to use, making the adoption barrier very low.

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