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Interpersonal communication dating

There are cultural etiquettes that regulate the appropriate expression for the language.

And from real life observations of people who get in trouble for not following the appropriate etiquettes indicates to me that how something is said may weigh more importance than what is actually said.

This distinction is obvious by comparing languages of different origination, for example, Japanese and American.

This distinction has direct implication for their romantic expression.

Another thing to consider is that the speaker maybe more perceptive to picking up verbal or non-verbal cues due to their language training which give rise to the possibility that certain cues are automatically tuned out from their reception.

Although the digital and analogical distinction is harder to make between Russian and English because of their common Indo-European descent, there are yet other elements of differentiation in communication that can be recognized.

Problems arise when an American male is confronted with such greeting because theyve been raised in a culture where same sex contact is seen as a taboo and thus such greeting can be easily perceived as an intrusion of personal space.

In "Basic Concepts of intercultural communication", Bennett parallels this phenomena in English to computers by describing the words symbolization of "categories of phenomena in the same arbitrary way that on/off codes symbolize numbers and operations in a computer".

Contrarily, analogic form of communication "represents phenomena by creating contexts which can be experienced directly" (Bennett, 17).

Along the same lines of personal space, method of greeting also varies significantly between that of the Russian culture and the American culture.

In Russia, it is quite a prevalent etiquette to greet people with "hearty handshakes", hugs and kisses (Turkington, 210).

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