Is beyonce dating 50 cent

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Is beyonce dating 50 cent

Thirty million-plus would make friends out of any enemies, so when these two were spotted partying together at Tao in Vegas after the Mayweather vs. I., and Kanye, but they were most shocked by the appearance of Curtis himself.

Boo Boo looks like he's having too much of a good time in this pic—maybe that Formula 50 was spiked. DJ said he thought ' Ye would have acted a bit differently if it were 50 on stage, Jay responded with this classic quote. DATE: November 13, 2009 ENEMIES: "You used to be from Marcy nigga, now you a ' Pass the Grey Poupon'-ass nigga." 50 teamed up with Jay's newly friend-turned-foe Beanie Sigel on "I Go Off," the Broad Street Bully's first official track since parting ways with the Roc.

Cases in point: the phony-friendship roller coaster that Jay-Z and 50 Cent have been riding over the last decade.

No "Takeover" or "Ether" yet, but these two heavyweights still qualify as top-notch frenemies.

DATE: May 5, 2007 FRIENDS: It was a good year for Jay-Z and 50 Cent. It looks like The Game featuring a young James Earl Jones and Ray J.

Everyone loves Chrissy Teigen and John Legend and can't get enough of Beyoncé and JAY-Z's recently expanded family, but when it comes to Hollywood power couples, the world is insatiable.

Or maybe Reebok execs carefully choreographed that corny moment. DATE: August 3, 2007 FRIENDS: As we mentioned, millions of dollars can do a lot for friendship and 50 was even better after getting that Vitaminwater guap, so he got Hova and Diddy to hop on the "Billion Dollar Remix" of "I Get Money." Was Fif actually bringing unity to New York hip-hop on this remix or just trying to bolster his chances in his Sound Scan showdown with Kanye?

Dope ad, though—feels like a lot longer than six years ago. Prolly the latter, but one thing we know for sure: He coulda spent a little more cheese on the CGI for this 12" art.

“I thought the s— was aight, you know what I’m sayin’? But I’ma keep it 100: The s— was a little, the s— was too smart. You can’t be the best rapper at 47, because the new n—as is here,” 50 Cent said.

I felt like I was supposed to be wearing glasses and s—, and tie a f—ing sweater around my waist. Within just a week, “” has gained platinum status while stirring up the hip-hop community.

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Eh, probably not, but it's kind of amazing to imagine.