Online dating for recovering alcoholics

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Online dating for recovering alcoholics

As she walked towards the café door on that blustery August day Jane already knew she was going to fall for him.

The café door was closed due to the strong winds that day. He was sitting to the left with a vacant chair opposite him.

* * Jane was 67, divorced and had chosen to try and meet a potential partner from the internet as she lived in a remote area.

She had a feeling while she was getting ready that morning that meeting Matthew would definitely turn out to be a significant event in her life.

She had only been on the internet dating site four days when Matthew came into her life.

Jane was feeling very apprehensive before meeting 68 year old, Matthew.

A bunch of flowers were on the table, in front of the vacant chair. The following Tuesday he was in Jane’s bed and she was totally besotted. He spent hours kissing every part of her face, her arms and her breasts, before he ventured further. Is he/she really serious or a player looking for no-strings sex? xxx Carole L Is chemistry what you have or is it what is missing from your life?

As soon as he saw her he stood up and said, ‘At last.’ Jane couldn’t speak he had taken her breath right away. He explained to her that things took a bit of time to work down there now. …Chemistry can be an amazing experience between two people, and so very rare for many of us to encounter now we are over sixty. Carole Lethbridge – Author The seven dating sins of Seniors My research discovered that the sins between the sexes are quite different for females and males.

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On his dating profile it stated he was a divorced, retired university professor, who was relocating from interstate.

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