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Deposits in the relict systems increase in thickness and modal grain size downstream, suggesting multiple sources and or entrainment of material along the canyon walls.

Hydrodynamic models using Monte Carlo model searches for best fitting flow parameters show the most likely pathways by which Holocene and Pleistocene currents flowed through the complex accretionary wedge to the abyssal plain.

A 3D unstructured grid model, SELFE, is applied in its 2D spherical coordinate configuration.

Simulations are conducted with and without dynamic tides to elucidate their influence.

We compare numerical results with tide gauge records, maximum wave heights, runups, and inundation extents at several locations in the region.

Detailed inundation patterns at Coos Bay and Cannon Beach, Oregon are compared to field estimates.

Within active systems, the turbidite record is modulated by local landsliding and growth of active folds and faults.

In the relict systems, the turbidite record begins in the middle canyon reaches, as opposed to the actively recharged systems which have a turbidite record in the more proximal canyon reaches.

We conduct a comprehensive modeling study of the impact of the 1964 Prince William Sound tsunami on the US Pacific Northwest coast.

The remaining canyons, Quinault, Grays, Guide, and Willapa, are recharged to a varying degrees by northward transport of Columbia River derived sediment.

All systems are nonetheless active conduits for turbidity currents during the Holocene, which are weaker and more restricted than their Pleistocene counterparts.

Conditional probabilities in the next 50 years also are revised to 10–17% for the Washington coast, and 16–22% for the central and northern Oregon coast.

In Cascadia, Sumatra and other locales globally, core siting, spatial sample density, high-resolution analysis of core and regional geophysics and understanding of flow dynamics are critical to capturing a paleoseismic record.

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