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The last thing not on the list is a 12v power supply which is easy to find and cheap.I had the rest on hand, so it's cost me 0 so far.The CLOCK screen is self explanatory, but super handy.RTC chips don't keep perfect time, so this lets you quickly adjust it if it starts to drift.In the end it's close to 7000 lines of code (including blank spaces and comments).I don't even want to know how many hours I've put into this.I wanted to control power (everything including CO2), dosing pumps, and my Current Satellite Plus lights through a touch screen interface.Once I started digging into the UTFT touchscreen libraries, found that UTFT has a library add-on called UTFT_tiny Fat that allows you to read graphics from an SD card and display them on the screen.

This screen lets you create, edit, and save 4 lighting modes.It immediately switches the power config to your predetermined setting (I turn off heat, CO2, filter, and circulation pump).It will countdown if you leave it here, and return home when it's done.The SETTINGS screen is engaged from the dock of the home screen.It lets you get to all of the configuration options.

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The top is how many m L you want to dose every time. The FULL setting is where you set the capacity of your dosing reservoirs (applies to both).