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And here’s where it gets really perverse: On some level, both parties know that if the guy gets into a place of true emotional strength and independence, he’ll leave the girl.It’s subconscious in most cases, but I’ve seen it play out enough times that it’s prevalent in these situations.One expiration date eliminates the need to track and inventory two separate items and reduces the costs associated with doing so.

it’s that he’s (and I cringe to type these words) When it comes to all things sex and companionship, a guy will say, “Sure, if you’re offering…” Problem is, guys typically have a terrible gauge on whether or not they’ll catch feelings for the girl.What ends up happening is that the guy will make sure the girl has hope to keep chasing him.The girl will make sure that he’s as emotionally dependent on him as she can get him to be.One wear item means less inventory and lower maintenance costs.Each Pad-Pak is good for 4 years providing lower costs than those devices that need the electrodes replaced every 2 years and then the battery at year 4. The Heart Sine protection is second to none in the industry providing comprehensive coverage to lay rescuers.

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Advanced technology balanced against the demands of real world use. AED Professionals feels that since defibrillators are a life saving devices, everyone must have the current technology available to them.