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Singapore tamil dating

I’d started the 24 hours of flying with a full face of make-up, but my skin had absorbed it all en route; somewhere in the neck sweat was about twenty millilitres of Rimmel’s finest foundation. Well in advance of coming to Singapore, I’d planned a sensible travel outfit: grey cotton polo-neck, comfy jeans.

The night before leaving, I divided my belongings into two sections (Useful in Singapore, Not Useful in Singapore) and packed accordingly.

A couple of months after finishing my degree, I came to Singapore; I’d got bored of Dublin and couldn’t find work.

It’s hard to get into anything writing-related when you can’t afford to work for free.

So I took a massive fake fur shrug and grey platform boots from the impractical pile.But I’m far too boring for this to be a useful measuring stick: I don’t drive, drink or smoke, and those are the main areas where Singapore is more expensive.It’s pricier to rent a whole apartment here, but flatshares are about a third cheaper than in Dublin.TEFL teaching is highly seasonal, mainstream teaching requires a further qualification, and there’s not a lot else you can do with an English degree.More searching could possibly have landed me a job in the end, but that wouldn’t have meant one less emigrant leaving Ireland; it just would have made someone else move instead of me. My other main consideration was how much of my salary I could save.

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Enjoy family time at the National Museum of Singapore every last Saturday of the month!

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