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But mothers aged 30-34 are 44 per cent more likely to be married.

Ministers responded to the news of unchecked population growth – set to bring numbers in the country to 70million inside two decades – with fresh promises to cut immigration back to the levels of the 1990s.

These figures show that the disintegration of the family is speeding up, with all the inevitable troubles that will follow.’ Jill Kirby, of the centre-right think-tank Centre for Policy Studies, said: ‘Growing up in a disrupted family at least doubles the risk for a child of doing badly at school, suffering poor health, and growing up to be unemployed, to teenage pregnancy, or to fall into crime.

‘It is crucial that the Government does something to try to give children a better start.

Their numbers have grown by 600,000 since 1999, the ONS said.

The increase in children of broken homes came during the years when the Labour government maintained that all family types are equally good for children and the benefit system was re-shaped to reward single parents and penalise couples.

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