Spice islands product dating

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Britain liberated the islands at the cost of more than 250 servicemen’s lives.Our GGG team is proud to announce the Acquisition of Anco Fine Foods & Corman Ship Supplies.Elizabeth, NJ, February 5, 2018- Atalanta Corporation, a leading specialty food importer has acquired ANCO Fine Cheese – a business unit from Schratter Foods Inc.The All Nations Cheese Organization (ANCO) is one of the largest and broadest specialty cheese importers in the US.Lenberg Farms Wins Top Awards at UK Nantwich and ACS Competitions Elizabeth, NJ- Atalanta's supplier, Mariposa Dairy, took home several awards at both the UK Nantwich Cheese Competition and at the American Cheese Society Competition for Lenberg Farms cheeses.

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Tom Gellert, President of Atalanta, said "For decades, ANCO has been one of the most established importers of specialty cheese to the US.

Together with Atalanta's own rich history, we have a unique opportunity to solidify our position as leaders in the specialty cheese and deli categories." Atalanta and The Gellert Global Group are looking forward to gaining great synergies from ANCO's network of strong relationships with suppliers, customers, and the addition of a great team of people.

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