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I composed a list of great items that just about every barb (over level 67) should be wearing: 1) Stormshield, must I say any more about this one?

2) CCB's or Fury (that is a rune word people) Balrog Blade, this should set your damage up nicely. A must have, the damage reduce and vitality adds greatly to Barbs.

Now for at to use well in a lvl 86 barb and this is wat u should use: Helm: Arreats of coarse, Boots: Gore Rider, Belts:ik belt no question or string of ears, Armour: Shaftstop or Glad Bane, Weapons: Gf and Doom, or u can use 2 lightsabres, Gloves: Up to u, ammy: good one, shield (if u want): Stormshield if u dont want frenzy. Yes youcan hit lots of enemies at once but i romise if you follow this you will drop just as many enemies with far more control. use whatever swords you find and hold on to 2, 3 socketed swords. combine some gems and runes in the cube and get yourself a high damage sword.

Ok, i hate to say this, but the majority of you are wrong about Barbarians. of course put a point or two in double swing but try to raise your mastery until your able to frenzy.

MAX- ww // MAX- masterie(preferably swords) // MAX- bo // 15- nat res // 10-15 stone skin // reste split in running and other war cry's OK now the ITEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

there 2 sets 1 is for poor ppl other for rich bastards poor one helm*arreat* // armor *shaft* // shield*storm* // belt*string* // sword* ccb/doom/fury // gloves*venom* // boots*gore riders / war traves // OK rich set....helm*ber'd perf vamp // armor*0.8 valor // sword*ith cb) // reste same as poor one o and rings and ammy's sry....

I have nothing against them (hey I even help them out occasionally) but to have a good character the most, and I mean most vital part is the items.

You could be perfect in setting your skills and stat points but without good items your done.

Masteries:on my opinion I went with sword gf and doom so 10 to it to whatever ur using.For your skills at level 70, you will need...250 Str, 150 Dex, And the rest in Vit REMEMBER! You should have around 2000 life with your Battle Orders.Make sure before you go into battle that you put your leech items on, what can you do without them?OK, to make *THE* ultimate barb u need these: about 190 str 120 dex 250 vit N~O ene serious..leechs no probs.u need that str cuz more str = more dmg but not that much (ne wayz with storm shield gives 30 str its gonna go coo) now skillz....

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when you get to diablo that stupid whirlwind move wont let you go toe to toe with him and hack him down with a smirk on your im tierd of you guys saying this and that about freinds got a barb that cna own anyone.first off all for stats only put only like 120-130 in str because of str mods of ss and ik gaunlets and other crap for dex only liek 100-120 cause of dex mods, as for vit to be a sreious pker you need at leats 250 points in that my frind has about 250 and with his vit mods hes got about 2.5k-3.6k for your skills (if ure gonna be a sword/sheild barb) max out sword mastery,max whirl wind,maxbattle orders for life and mana and wiht the rest do what ever you want.