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Gorgeous Guerlain - wonderful on my husband, but I really love it on me - also lasts a good 8 hours.Dreamy, slightly Eau de Shalimar, a bit of vanilla and powder..don’t think this isn’t suitable for men because it sounds so pretty..absolutely is. I do not find this masculine at all, it is very feminine to me, and on me I'm afraid I can only say that it does smell like you are backstage in old ladies dressing room or hairdressers.The fragrance has a very unique evolution during the various stages and is undoubtedly very enjoyable.It projects heavily for a couple of hours and you get a sillage of 4~5 feet.Habit Rouge Eau de Toilette is a metaphor for life itself. Habit Rouge's leather accord truly is a fine, elegant, luxury car leather. It took me a year to finally come around to really appreciate how elegant and refined Habit Rouge is. The fragrance was soft, powdery and indescribably satisfying.

وأستعمل العطر القديم في خرجاتي الصباحية خصوصا تلك التي تكون بهذف النزهة في ضواحي المدينة . As a lover I am in touch with time and its affairs.- It opens with a strong lemon note that I specificaly identify as persian lime (citrus limettioides), Probably due to other minor notes like tangerine, green lime, orange and basil, it smells like strong plesant lemon tea. - With the hearth notes, the scent became powdery with rose-carnation-cinnamon-sandal flavours but without loosing the heavy lemon tea note.The transition is subtle and extreamly well composed.Congratulations to Jean Paul Guerlain for this work of art.I bought a flask of Habit Rouge EDT about 5 months ago and only now I feel at ease to try a review. Again we may conclude that this is a high quality fragrance.

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فلسفة هذا العطر كما أرادها جيرلان تعيد أمجاد فرنسا زمن الإمبراطورية فهو إذن عطر الفخامة .