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Validating composite controls

Feasibility analysis via FEA includes single-plane dimensional control capability analysis, double-plane scheme analysis, stress/strain analysis, and failure test.We conclude that the single-plane with ten actuators scheme is feasible for the shape control, and the actuators do not damage the fuselage.It includes primal cuts, such as chucks, if intended to be used for production of does not include ground beef that will be used for further processing into sausages and for products which are subjected to full lethality treatment to produce Ready-to-Eat (RTE) products in federally registered establishments.Suspect product is a lot of untested product or product for which testing results were reported as "not detected" ( coli O157 may occur through consumption of contaminated uncooked or partially cooked beef products resulting in disease conditions such as haemorrhagic colitis, bloody diarrhea and abdominal pain.An operator may choose to treat presumptive positive results as positive results unless otherwise specified with the policy (see section section 5.5).

Non intact raw beef is beef that has been either: Comminuted beef includes ground, finely textured, chopped, mechanically separated, flaked and minced beef.

To be confirmed positive, a pure isolate from the original enrichment broth must exhibit typical appearance on selective agar media and: Epidemiological evidence refers to data (descriptive or analytical in nature) demonstrating an association between a food product and human illness as determined by the study of the frequency, distribution and determinants of the particular outbreak.

A beef product is considered to have received a full lethality treatment for coli O157.

Cattle are the primary source of coli O157 occurs during slaughtering and dressing procedures, especially during the de-hiding and evisceration processes.

The subsequent use of any meat components derived from a contaminated carcass in coli O157 is detected in a sample when tested with one of the approved methods (refer to Appendix 2 of this policy for the relevant information).

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Additional products may be implicated due to various circumstances as outlined in section 7.2 and 9.0.