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After that, you should have a pipe (|) or a dash (- , —) followed by your brand name.

Different sources vary on what that exact limit is, but it’s mostly safe to assume 155 characters is the max.

I've wondered the same thing since I have a bunch of AAC files that I sometimes convert to MP3 since the car player only understands MP3.

This will obviously not improve the quality, but it will avoid further degrading it.

Think about it this way: when it was converted from the original media (let's say a CD) it was compressed to fit the "content" in a smaller "box", and by doing so an amount of data has been lost (you may want to read about lossy and lossless formats).

However, you only have about 67 characters to use in a title tag.This isn't really a useful answer to the OP's question.Sure, re-encoding at a higher bit-rate using another lossy algorithm is not going to improve the quality, but as the other answer below rightly says, if you have to use e.g.A 96kb/s MP3 file may destroy data present in the flash-audio version.Does it make sense to use a higher bitrate when converting to mp3?

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Plus, the branding tells people the source of a page at a glance.

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