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This cultural knowledge helps in the respecting of each other and the cultural practices.

Knowledge also fosters togetherness and trust since no person feels undermined or undervalued.(Jackomos, 2005).

Talking with a Traditional Owner Group known within Gurung in order to seek relevant information supporting culturally safe service delivery.

This can provide relevant widespread knowledge which can be employed in various sectors.

By attending local cultural events and engaging the local health care agencies and services.

To have triumphant partnerships we require being culturally knowledgeable.

Engaging them to aid in the welcoming of the family and to work closely beside the family and fellow professionals.The more knowledge that is available the easier it become to accept their culture.This in effect makes them have a sense of belonging as well as proud of their cultural heritage.I would make the most of this staff member as the cultural broker from the initial introduction if the staff member felt at ease.According to (Haysom, 2009), respectfully working with those of other cultures can help us to build efficient partnerships.

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Embracing different cultures that exist in the society helps individuals not to conform to just one cultural practice but rather merge several to act as guidance for relationships between indigenous and non-indigenous people (Jackomos, 2015).