What is fission track dating

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What is fission track dating

The maximum size of an etched fission track depends on the physical and chemical...The Institute for Creation Research (ICR) has recently completed their multi-year project dealing with a scientific evaluation of the age of the earth and produced two book publications and an accompanying DVD.Fission track dating, although an unusual radiometric dating process, is accurate when used correctly and correlated with other dating methods.In order to make fission tracks a useful method to date the earth, it must fit the criteria of good a natural clock.

In order to evaluate ICR's findings, one must first establish a proper methodology for fission track dating and compare ICR's methodology and finding to previous results.The longer the crystals are in the sediment, the more radiation is trapped.Before the crystals were buried in the sediment, they were carried along by rivers or wind.This interaction disrupts the crystal structure creating a single linear damage trail at the atomic scale.The trails cannot be observed optically, but because they are very reactive, they can be enlarged with chemical etchants to become visible under an optical microscope.

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